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Thread: loading movies from cd-rom w/o stopping any timeline

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    loading movies from cd-rom w/o stopping any timeline

    Hi folks!

    I am trying to load external movies (movs converted properly into LARGE swfs) into a standalone player.

    Whenever I try to do this, all commands get executed but there is a delay lasting for the time the movie is loaded into the standalone player (CD-ROM access). This occurs on a PC as well as on a Mac projector. The projector just halts everything until the movie is completely loaded.

    Doing the same thing online would mean background streaming w/o interrupting any running timeline - so how can I accomplish this when I stream them off a CD?

    Sputtering timelines suck! - Pieli.

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    It sucks and I know this isn't the answer you want, but you can't "stream" a file into Flash from a CD. Streaming bytes into a Flash movie requires a web server to serve up the SWF file as a stream of bytes instead of as one big block of bytes.

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    Thanks mon, even if it is a definitive no. I will now have to work around, but am still curious regarding how to inflate the lifecycle of the other mcs I try to play whenever I am accessing the CD...everything halted for a couple of seconds fullscreen looks like a freeze.

    Any ideas?


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