1. I have this cd-rom that I made for this ski resort. sometimes when you click on a url link it launches the browser window like it's supposed to but also turns off the audio within the CD...why?

2. Another thing, I am having issues with resolution. I had the fscommand launching the CD to "FullScreen" but we are having problems with the browser in XP, cause if you already have a browser window open, the projector will use that open window (to open pdfs etc.) hiding the PressKit browser contents behind the Flash movie when another link within the cd is clicked....I hope that makes sense.

basicly....when you click on a link, the pdf url window executes infront of the projector, but when you go back to the projector and click another pdf link the browser window stays behind the projector and doesn't execute infront of it again like it should.

I guess I need to figure out how to make each link execute ontop of the projector instead of behind it in the same browser window. I did make sure to select "_top" for each link...I don't know why it doesn't work they way in should.