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Thread: About Flash users license

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    About Flash users license

    This really is a stoopid question but i'd still like to know.

    Is it perfectly "ok" if i make a flash movie(not the .fla) and share that to others on internet? (so anyone can use it)

    Free of charge or not?

    I guess it's ok but comments are welcomed!

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    As you are the creator of the file, you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to share the fla, too, thats also fine.

    If you mean to ask if macromedia ahs any rights over your work, then do not worry. It would be like Olympus having rights over photographs I take, or Microsoft having rights to stuff I create while using their products.

    After all, anything you put on the net you are sharing- intentionlaly or not, people can download what you have made.
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    Just wanted to make sure.


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