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Thread: Beta test AP Flash News video player

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    Beta test AP Flash News video player


    I'm working on making a Flash video player for news content. It seems to be working pretty good so now we are beta testing it.

    Here are some of the features:

    Progressive loader

    fullscreen video (well actually full player)

    Automatically updated with latest videos from AP


    so if people could take a look and let me know if anything breaks, doesn't look good etc.. it would be appreciated



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    It looks very good, well done. You should consider doing a flash push app like http://www.instantet.com/ or www.skinkers.com
    that pushes the content to the users desktop.

    How are you converting the video, are you just converting it manuaully?

    Also is there low bandwidth video version or are you only doing a broadband version?


    Brian O'Neill
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    we are using an anystream compression box to output the swfs. It is all automated once the video editors complete a piece it gets processed and winds up in the video player. When it is complete it should have 20 new videos a day.

    At this time we are not working on a low bandwidth version although I imagine it would be a pretty easy conversion by just changing settings and all.

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    very cool. What made AP decide on Flash as a file format? Just curious because we are trying to decide whether Real, WMP or FLV is the way to go. We have been using Real since the beginning but I've been impressed with WMP 9. I'm playing around with flv but the results just aren't quite there.

    I'd love to talk to someone who has gone through the process.


    Dave Braunger
    Minneapolis Star Tribune

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