I just got my assigment from the university. They want me to make an implementation of the tcp and the http protocol. As if that isn't worse enough i have to do it under a os that has been dead for several years now. (os == minix)

Ok i started out with the notion that is should be a not to hard a task the only thing i really ahve to understand is C (because this implementation has to be written in C) and of course as you all know C should be that hard to learn afterall there are enough tutorials. The fact that i already knew C made me think i had some kind of edge over the rest of the group (silly me :P)

i'm currently busy printing out the specs of tcp and the amount of paper alone is enough to make me sick. IT'S HORRIBLE. you cannot understand how much agony i will be in in a few weeks!!! not only is the deadline in 5 months (remember i havn't wasted any time i got the assignment today) The percentage of the people who actually do pass the course is around 16%.

I can already dream of the long nights and the trays of redbull i'll be forced to drink

so anyway if i'm not here for several weeks it's probably because i didn't implement the tcp stack that well and can't connect to this site