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Thread: smooth rollovers?

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    How can I make a rollover that fades in when I rollover and fades out when I roll out. Like the smooth rollovers in the flashmovie of http://www.sfiff.org (klik on boxing image to see the flashmovie).

    Probably it's something very simple...


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    You asign three different mouse events to your button.

    On roll over go to and play frame number in the scene that has the tweens on your buttons. 25 frams should be anough. Put a stop action in the 25 frame.

    The second action in the mouse over is on roll out go to and stop..or play...you can play with it...(this takes the person back to the menu)

    Third is the on press go to where ever its supposed to.

    Hope that does it for you....thats how I did it.

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