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Thread: develop an extension... make a mint

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    develop an extension... make a mint

    Whoah, if anyone developed an extension that would do any kind of a search within a standalone, hello $$$$
    I figured at least someone might have encountered a project that would require a searchable cd rom. So to the boards!
    All i found were a lot of unanswered posts from poor saps in the same boat as me. Macromedia website... nothing, not even a method to search labels! Basically what i learned from my research - unless u use a database utilizing php or xml T.S.
    Please,please correct me if i'm wrong...
    I couldn't have done it without you!...
    which is why you got 5 yrs. for aiding and abbeting.

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    There are a couple of commands in the FileSys2 plugin of SWF Studio (www.northcode.com) that allow you to search the contents of files that are readable in text format (.html, .txt, etc)

    fscommand("Arg", "_level0.result"); // where to put the file list
    fscommand("Arg", "c:\\Windows"); // directory to search
    fscommand("Arg", "TRUE"); // search all subfolders of c:\windows
    fscommand("Arg", "*.html"); // we're looking for HTML files
    fscommand("Arg", "<body>"); // return any files that contain "<body">
    fscommand("Arg", "?"); // return the list separated by "?" chars
    fscommand("FileSys2.FindInFiles", ""); // do it!

    You could also use the SWF Studio Catalog plugin to create an index of all your files on CD ahead of time and search the catalog instead of searching all the files. It's more work up front to create the index, but searching will be faster than poking through every file on the CD.

    SWF Studio is a commercial product but all of the plugin extensions are free. Here's a list of other commercial products you may want to consider as well.

    SWF Studio http://www.northcode.com
    Flash Studio http://www.multidmedia.com
    Flash 'N Pack http://www.flashnpack.com
    FlashAnts http://www.flashants.com
    Jugglor http://www.***********.com
    LPFlashEX http://www.logicplus.com.hk
    mProjector http://www.binarynoise.com
    SWFKit http://www.swfkit.com

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    Download a copy of Flash Studio PRO and you can search for any specific type of file in any location. You can also return a deleimited list of multiple file extensions. I hope this helps

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