Dear flasher fellows !

I would like to inform you about the launch of a new flash related project - . The idea behind it was to create a mix between the biggest (hopefully) flash links directory and kind of a search engine for flash websites. You know how hard it could be when you get a project to be done - lets say, about cat food and have no idea where to start. In the future you will be able to get some inspiration at FlashVista and take a look at the websites that others have done in the similar category. Due to the multilingual support i hope to make this website a source of inspiration for the flashers and desgners around the world.

In the future i plan to add more sections to FlashVista such as Flash tutorials (yeah, i know, there are lots of them elsewhere but i still read the same flash questions in the forums and newsgroups), a FLA' section and a flash games playground.

Anyways, feel free to submit your flash websites to FlashVista and let's build the biggest and best flash links directory on this planet. I will transfer my favorite flash bookmarks soon, but of course, i would like you to add comments, keywords etc for your own websites.

If you would like to help in any way with this project, email me and let's talk.

Suggestions, comments, ideas, thoughts, bug reports and any other feedback are welcomed and highly appreciated

Stay tuned !