I found the problem incase you would like to also forward that onto your T35.com server admins, a file called webassist.exe was installed in my windows directory. To test it out I terminated the process and voila, no more popups occured (these were popping up even if I wasn't on the internet, which is rare because I have cable, but I disconnected it to test it). Once the process was terminated it stopped popping them up, so naturally I removed the file permanently from my system. A file named uniwebassist.exe was also installed, I assume a handy (or meant to be) uninstall program for webassist. However, once run the uninstall did absolutely nothing. Perhaps a backup copy of webassist only with changed program icons, who knows. Either way both are now removed and I am popup free.

Sorry for my reaction, but it was getting quite annoying. Every five seconds or less I was getting a popup and it wouldn't have been so bad, except that these popups were always to a select few websites. But the frequency of the popups was the most annoying, I couldn't do much with typing because the window focus kept getting changed over to these darn popups. I'm not sure why it chose your site, but as soon as I viewed your site about 50 popups came up (all unknowingly too because of the maximized interface you were using) and that was the end result so naturally I assumed it was your website. Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part, I will attempt to keep my anger in such issues more under control (I know thats easy for me to say now that the problem is fixed! hehe)

Anyways, good luck and if you happen to post any changes to your site I'll be glad to check it out and if I post my upcoming (first) project I'll hope that you'll critisize mine as tough as I did yours!