in the absence of an application development forum at FK (want one bug the webmaster, I do) I'll post this here..

.Net? Java? No Thanks, We'll Take Macromedia Instead

it breaks down the choices when it comes to web app development, and I think there's some valuable ammunition in there that we can use when clients are sceptical about using flash for their projects.

I saw this in john dowell's blog and it's a good article, but, like JD, I wonder if it's not being a little to literal, afterall, when building a web app with flash we use a server medium like flash .NET php etc and flash reall function best as a frontend. To suggest that flash is a competitor for .NET and Java based development is misleading, I think the article succeeds in pointing out the advantages of developing a UI and client logic in flash but flash is growing as a partner technology, rather than an alternative.