Not sure if that is the right term, but it describes what I need. Let me give a brief description, also, whoever, please tell me if I should be posting this on a different board.
1. I have some familiarity w/ Flash, but just as a hobbyist.
2. Have very little time on my hands to practice/learn stuff.
3. Am involved w/ some people who are putting together an "interactive entertainment" site, which is basically intended to be a support/sister project for a commercial (print) publication.
4. Just to illustrate what this site is about, it is a (changing weekly) "zine" w/ trivia games, word games, an interactive "paint board" for kids, also follow-up "for more stuff about ---" sections relating to stories in the publication, etc.
5. Anyway, to get to the point, one thing I have suggested to put in is "Picture Goo" feature, readers send in their picture, winners gets a t-shirt/whatever, picture gets posted on site in a Flash-based "SuperGoo+-like interface, where you drag the mouse around to distort the face... I think most of you know the type of thing I am referring to. Of course this would not be as capable/powerful as the full-on SuperGoo-type app, but just as a fun gimmick on the site, changing weekly, would have to some modular scripted setup where the site-maintain guy (not a Flash expert) just changes out the bitmap to a different one with every new "edition"...
6. I have seen this done w/ Javascript (rudimentary version), I think I have also seen in done in Flash, but can't seem to locate it... (did find "jelly-picture" here on Flashkit (movies/effects) which is actually quite close to what we want, except without the bouncing around...)
7. Any ideas/leads anyone?
8. Of course, as this is commercial, we will pay $$...