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Thread: Mac/ Pc Projector Problems Loading text files

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    Mac/ Pc Projector Problems Loading text files


    I've created a cd rom presentation

    The presenatation loads all the content/information from the cdrom

    I have a folder on the cd called clients within that i have all the text files with content and image paths, within this folder there are several other folders containing images.

    The presentation works great on PC

    I have created the mac projector on a Mac but it seems to stop on the first fame (where the files are loaded)

    The mac SWF version of this file works great

    Any ideas as to what I am doin wrong, or how I can sort this out?

    Thanks in advance


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    Make sure that you haven't used backslashes (\) in the paths, these are PC only (they don't work on any other platform).
    Use a forwardslash instead (/).
    Also make sure that the filenames aren't being clipped on a mac; the disc needs to be a hybrid, see the FAQ for more info.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Sorry for the slow response been off ill.

    I'll give what you say a try.

    Thanks again


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