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Thread: Flash MX 2004 & Search Engines

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    Flash MX 2004 & Search Engines

    After looking at the new features of Flash MX 2004 I am very disappointed that Macromedia has not addressed the issue of getting search engines to read flash content. I personally think this is a major problem and could hinder the ability of Flash to gain new users in the future. As a web designer I have been using Flash for over 3 years and have slowly started to migrate away from it because of this very reason. I have also seen my client's desires for site traffic and in particular ROI increase. Since over 70% of all web site traffic is generated by search engines Flash is at a huge disadvantage. This is particularly true when client's want to implement sophisticated tracking systems to measure their traffic and ROI. So I think it is about time that we as developers start pressuring Macromedia to fix this huge issue and get Flash content indexed. I think the ball is in MM's court here because they have more at stake than the big Search Engines. The major search engines continue to be profitable and increasing in popularity. What does everyone else think about this idea?

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    our site is 100% flash expect for the index page and a links page, we are 3rd in a search for website designers, so it is not all doom and gloom, just use good metatags and have a some good links on your splash page.

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