I'm required to use flash 5 on the site I'm working on, and have a bunch of linked flash movies. I want to pop a video into one of them, and from what I understand, I have to make it a qt movie instead of a flash file. Here are my questions:

I tried to do this, made the qt movie the first time successfully, but when it tried to go to another swf from one of the buttons in the qt movie, the video kept playing on top of the flash elements.
I'm also not so crazy about the qt bar on the top, it's screwing with the seamless flow. Is there any way I can stay in the flash 5 domain? Would a program like flix let me do this on a mac?

I went back to my movie, changed something, can't figure out what, and now the qt file I'm exporting has lost all its flash elements, so I'm really frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.