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Thread: massive swf size. help!

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    massive swf size. help!

    i have a 3 minute quicktime movie that is 6.5 MB. i want to stream it, so i figured i would put it into its own swf file and load it into my main movie . i imported it into flash mx (os x) as an embedded movie. since i already compressed the flick, i didnt utilize any of the sorensen options. i put quality at best, etc. anyhow, after i export the movie, the swf file size is 100 MB. this makes absolutely no sense. there is nothing else in the swf file and the video i imported is not that big. whats going on here? ive read a lot of tutorials and old posts but still cant figure it out.

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    Ha ha! 100mbs! That IS a problem! 6.5mb is huge, too.

    I'd suggest buying Sorenson Squeeze. It's great (and only $115 or so for MX). My uncompressed movs were 150mb and they compressed to 2mbs with little quality loss.

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    I don't think Flash honors the compression that you previously apply. Kinda like Importing a JPG into photoshop and saving it as a psd... its gonna be bigger.

    I would try importing the video with as little compression as possible. Then experimenting with Flash's compression options.

    Or (like e7 said) compress it with Squeeze. Flash accepts it's compression, and it gives better results than letting Flash do it.

    Good Luck

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