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Thread: Loading Multiple Movies

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    Loading Multiple Movies

    I have a series of animations (1-10) that I want to load simulatneously to lower the perceived download time. So on the screen you would see the progress bar for all 10 at once, as they load.
    Does anyone know of any examples of this? Or anyone try this? I've seen it with swfs that are just images, but never with video.

    If anyone knows anything at all about this, it would be a big help.


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    do you want a single progress bar representing all media or one for each media file?
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    I'll need on for each movie, to let them know when each is loaded and when they can play it.

    Something like:

    Movie 1: 100% Movie is ready to view

    Movie 2: 65%

    Movie 3: 60%


    I am mostly concerned with any problems this may cause, especially with bandwidth. Any ideas or has anyone tried this (it seems like someone somewhere would have)?


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