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Thread: Help - silhoette video effect

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    Help - silhoette video effect

    I wanted a silhoette effect of someone walking along, so I thought Id film myself doing the walk, import into flash as a series of jpegs and trace round the outline of each frame.

    However the result looks terrible! The edges are constantly moving and just looks like a blob moving along.

    Does anyone know of a better way to achieve this effect, perhaps with different software.

    Is Poser by Curious labs any good for this? To maybe model the motion rather thatn trace it?

    Any ideas, cheers.

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    The best way to get that result is to shoot the figure against a blue/green screen and then "key" out the background using chroma-key software that is available in most high-end NLE software (such as Premier and FCP).
    You may also want to check out our software, Flix Pro, which has a feature that will automatically trace the video and render it into a vector based .swf file. There are many settings you can use to adjust the detail.
    For more information on that check out:


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    Its hard at home to set up blue screens etc!

    I think poser is the way to go. Has anyone used poser, is it any good?

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