Needing some advice on something.

9 weeks ago i started redesigning a site for an artist in SF here in the USA.
We had a verbal agreemant that she would pay half the fee upfront and that all work would be done within a two weeks period and if it took longer because of me i would not charge anymore and she was fine with this. I also stated that if she wasnt able to pay i would allow a two week grace period before i would drop everything and she was fine with this also.
She pointed out a few sites to me she liked and asked could i take x, y and z ideas from a few sites and work it into something for her so thats what i did.
A week into the project everything was going great and she was loving the new design that was going to be her site.
Now all the content was comming from her for me to add since i was adding galleries of her work and bio and resume.
Getting close to the end of the second week and i find out she had a deaht in the family so i was not going to force the issue for a few days as i didnt want to bother her at a bad family time.
Into the 3rd week i ask for the content so i can get this rapped up and all payed for so i can pay bills and stuff like we all need to.
I get a few files.
Basicly 7 weeks into it i got almost everything and i didnt want to drop it because i liked it and wanted to help her out and she said everything was perfect and she would pay me the rest of the $ end of 7th week.
Now today 9th week she now tells me she has spoken to some counselor and she wants the entire site changed around and redesigned and yet no payment and i now have bills that are late and stuff.

Now since this was a verbal contract and we agreed it would take no longer than two weeks before full payment was made and the two week grace period is way over due can i tell her to goto hell for now wanting the entire site redone and not wanting to pay me anymore $ ??

Im just wondering from a legal point where i stand in all this.

Any help would be great.