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Thread: Burning a Swish presentation into a CD.

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    Burning a Swish presentation into a CD.

    Hi All,

    I would very much appreciate any help on the below

    I have made a Swish presentation with Pics and sounds. I divided the presentation to many SWFs ( some for sound, mouse.. and the others for the other slides) , the all is linked to a master SWF. After that I have created an "autorun" file and an icon. I have burned every thing in a CD and when I tried it it was working really fine ! I was very proud of it !!!! (This is my first CD)

    I took it to a friend and when we tried to check it out in his laptop, it doesn't work !! The reason why is that there was no flash player installed in his laptop. I tried to generate a projector (.exe) for my master swf but still doesn't work: what happen is that only the master swf is displayed but since it is linked to other swfs these are not loaded ( they are swf not exe ). I tried to create projectors for all of them and link the projectors to the master swf instead of linking the swfs but it doesn't work neither !!!!

    I was very upset

    My big question is how to burn a swish presentation in a CD and make it work in work stations where there is no flash shockwave player installed ??

    I really appreciate your quick help.


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    All this matter is extreamly urgent for me I need to give this work back to school by friday ! any help will be very wellcome !!


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    Did you convert to .exe?

    Or did you keep the swf in an html document.

    the flash.ocx may need to be included to run
    the swf.
    It's very rare when a person doesn't have a flash.ocx

    Macromedia has a license agreement that if you
    fit in and accept will allow you to distrubute the
    flash player.


    this is covered better in the Standalone & Applications
    Forums as it's not directly a swish related issue.

    I'll move it there for a wider response group.
    They may have othe alternatives.

    Swish Help Moderator

    Thread Moved.

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    Sorry if this is what you have already done. I have never ran into this before... I always open the main swf. Then go to "file|create projector" and save it out from there. Now when you run the projector it should bring in your swfs just as well as the swf did.

    I have never used Swish (not even sure what it is to be honest). So maybe it has something to do with the swf coming from there.

    Maybe someone else will have some other ideas?

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    Any body else can help pleeeeeeeeeeese !!

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