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Thread: link to htm page and control flash file

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    link to htm page and control flash file

    Not really sure how to word this question, but here we go:

    For reasons too long to explain, I have 2 flash files on 2 different htm pages. I am using the getURL function to go back and forth between the two....No problem.
    Here is where it gets tricky, or I can't see the solution if it's right in front of my nose.
    When I link to the other page with the flash file on it, do I have any control over that file? Like this:


    on (release) {
    getURL(diversion.htm, "_self");

    Can I control that movie from within the other movie on another htm page?

    Hope that's clear, and thanks in advance for any help!

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    think I understand your question

    you want to control a movie in an html page, from another movie in another html page

    you can't control them directly, can you? because when you try doing something, the movie isn't avaiable.

    If it were avaiable (two movies on the same html page) I guess you could control the other using javascript.

    like this, I think the solution is sending a variable from one page to the other, but to achieve you'll need javascript as well, or a sever side script like php.

    here's the logic:
    you click the button, and send the variable someVariable=whatis:

    on (release) {
    getURL("diversion.htm?someVariable=whatis", "_self");

    then, that variable is sent to the flash movie using flashvarsfor example
    them, the variable is read by the movie, and used:


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