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Thread: XML Search

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    XML Search

    I need to search by state ... You will see what I mean

    PHP Code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <class state="NJ">
    <text desc="NJ Text 1"></text>
    <text desc="NJ Text 1-1"></text>

    <class state="NJ">
    <text desc="NJ Text 2"></text>
    <text desc="NJ Text 2-1"></text>

    <class state="NJ">
    <text desc="NJ Text 3"></text>
    <text desc="NJ Text 3-1"></text>

    <class state="CA">
    <text desc="CA Text 1"></text>
    <text desc="CA Text 1-1"></text>

    <class state="TX">
    <text desc="TX Text 1"></text>
    <text desc="TX Text 1-1"></text>

    <class state="TX">
    <text desc="TX Text 2"></text>
    <text desc="TX Text 2-1"></text>

    I want to display all the classes that are NJ ... I wrote a program ... but I lost it and I can't remember how I did it.

    thanks for the help


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    xmlArray = xmlObject.lastChild.childNodes;
    for (n=0;n< xmlArray.length;n++){
    if (xmlArray[n].attributes.state == "NJ"){//or == searchVariable
    display(); // some function
    kra, kra

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