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    Book Nook

    Hi. I am super new to flash and studio mx. Would someone please recommend a book or two that is geared for a beginner? I understand computers and work in video but haven't a clue for flash or studio mx. All of the books I have search have 1 half of the reviews praise and the other half destroy the book's instructional teaching. It's somewhat confusing. I was looking at "studio mx for dummies" style but would rather have a more learned opinion.

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    First off, don't buy anything targetted at dummies. Dummies can't do Flash or Dreamweaver. Also, I would advise against anything targetted for the whole Studio package, as there are lots of books of over 1000 pages for just Flash MX alone. I'd look for books specific to the program you really want to learn. Also get something that has a CD with it. And I personally would not get a Sam's book for anything.

    Just remember, you only get what you pay for, and sometimes not even then. I bought the "Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript Bible", a $56 book with tax and found it full of missprints and whole sections of code missing altogether. I blame that on the printers, as they are the dummies when it comes to actionscript. All the code and lessons on the CD did work. So you just have to take your chances.

    I'd start with something that explains the interface of the program, like Flash MX or Dreamweaver. The nuts and bolts of how to make the tools work. Then look for an actionscript book for Flash, as that's where the power is in Flash MX.

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