I am aware of two different methods of VCD production, I-Movie and the method of simply designing a flash animation like a DVD then burning it to a data CD. For more effect you can use custom labels for your CD cover. The thing about this method is that you can't play the data CD in a DVD player like with I-Movie software. I love Macromedia Flash and would like to produce my project in flash then turn it into a VCD that can be played on my family and friend's DVD player. There are some flash buttons to go to other menus in the flash version and if I can I'd like to keep them on the VCD format inwhich a DVD romote can access the menus of the VCD. Another way to bring Flash to video format would be to export it as a Quicktime movie although the menus still won't work with a DVD remote. What I'm trying to do, is it even possible?