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Thread: Flash VCDs?

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    Flash VCDs?

    I am aware of two different methods of VCD production, I-Movie and the method of simply designing a flash animation like a DVD then burning it to a data CD. For more effect you can use custom labels for your CD cover. The thing about this method is that you can't play the data CD in a DVD player like with I-Movie software. I love Macromedia Flash and would like to produce my project in flash then turn it into a VCD that can be played on my family and friend's DVD player. There are some flash buttons to go to other menus in the flash version and if I can I'd like to keep them on the VCD format inwhich a DVD romote can access the menus of the VCD. Another way to bring Flash to video format would be to export it as a Quicktime movie although the menus still won't work with a DVD remote. What I'm trying to do, is it even possible?


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    Sadly, no. As far as I know, VCDs are more related to VHS than to DVDs. They can't use any type of programing to manipulate the DVD player (i.e: audio track selection, angle selections, or menus). However, VCDs do support "chapters", although it's more like just starting a new file. You might be able to use that to your advantage.


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    Okay, I seen on TV a show that showed how to make VCDs using a video editing software called, "imovie" for macs. I then searched for a windows version which is called, "Movie Maker 2". You import video files such as quicktime files etc. It has a timeline like Flash and you can use chapters or build selection screens within it. You can import picture files too.

    My idea was to export Flash as a quicktime file then import it into the new imovie software. From there I'd edit it together and make a VCD out of it. On the show they took the VCD and popped it into a DVD player, any standalone DVD player will do as they stated, and the movie played off the DVD player. I figure I'd have to break the flash movie into pieces and export each piece as a quicktime file then import them all into imovie. This way I have each part for the screen selection feature.

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    I don't personally know how to use it, but I know Director MX is used for making DVD menus and putting things on DVD and I know it works almost exactly like Flash does so if you get a copy of Director MX and learn how to use it--that should work!

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    Check out www.vcdhelp.com. They have a lot of information.


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