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Thread: scripting mask???

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    scripting mask???

    okay here is the setup.
    i have a drop down menu with a button that contains a script that basically says: on release hide window, on second release reveal window. this works perfectly, no complaints.

    with the timeline i have another action that contains a script that has the random array of a couple of swf running each time the button is pressed or the page is refreshed. i like this too. my problem is that i would like to mask the images once the user hits the button to hide the whole window.

    i tried putting the mask above the action layer that contains the random script but that didn't work. i have attached the fla.

    oh and the movie doesn't actually start until the 62nd frame, so there will be just a black screen for 2.5seconds.

    reply if you need the images...i am not sure if it is needed.
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