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Thread: opening files through projector

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    opening files through projector

    I am wracking my brains to figure out the solution to my question! I know the answer isn't difficult, but it's not coming to me right now.

    I'm creating an interactive cd to go on an audio cd. I need to have a button open an acrobat file on the cd. How do I go about doing that?
    email me the answer!

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    You can use the EXEC FSCommand to launch the PDF like so:
    fscommand("exec", "myfile.pdf");
    However, your PDF file must be in a sub folder called "fscommand" for this to work. It's an unfortunate drawback of FlashMX.

    Alternatively, download a copy of Flash Studio PRO and you can launch any file or document from ANYWHERE on the users system (you can even load PDF files INSIDE your projector!). In addition, you'll also get 400+ FSCommands! I hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much..
    Is that the same for Flash 5...Upgrading needs to happen I know...but in the meanwhile?

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    In Flash 5 you don't need to use the fscommand folder, you can supply a path to the file you want to run. You can check out www.extendingflash.com and www.beyondflash.com (specifically chapter 2) and www.flashtools.net for more information.

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