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Thread: streaming video?

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    streaming video?

    Does anyone know the software that is used to take a video format like avi and convert it into a quicktime file, or even a .swf file.

    How would you get a video to stream like they have on the apple computer site, where it doesn't take 60 seconds to get the file to download then play.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are many video encoding options.
    This is the Flash video forum, so if you have Flash MX+ you can encode an .avi using that software.
    My company makes a Flash video encoding product called Flix that encodes .avi's and many other formats into high-quality Flash video. You can find out more about it at www.wildform.com/flix. There are three versions priced at $29, $69 and $149.
    In addition:
    Microsoft makes the free Windows Media Encoder that encodes video into windows media files.
    Real makes the Real Producer software that encodes video into real media files.
    Discreet makes the Media Cleaner software that encodes video into most available digital media formats.
    Canopus makes the ProCoder software that encodes video into most available digital media formats.
    Sorenson makes the Squeeze software that encodes video into several available digital media formats.
    The cost of these programs ranges from free to $600.


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