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Thread: Visible Area?

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    Visible Area?

    I have a question about "visible area"
    What I mean is that I created a few .swf movies, slide shows that load on request into my main movie controller .swf
    The main movie is larger in size than the slide show movies to allow for the buttons that load the slide shows.
    Anyway, the side shows have images that slide into view from off of the canvas, then slide just off the canvas when the viewer moves to the next image.
    I thought that whatever was not on the canvas would not be seen when the movie slide show was published. However when the slide shows play in the main movie controller, you can see all the photos I had slide out of view. Off canvas. I hope that makes sense?
    Is there a way to stop this from happening?
    Thanks Wilder

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    Mask the movie clip container to the size you want it to be visible.

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    You Da Man!
    Hey thanks again for helping me out. The masking worked and was easy.

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