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Thread: Metronome how to

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    Metronome how to

    I was wondering if anyone knows the basics of creating a metronome with flash mx...heres a webpage with one on it for an example, but this one has only on and off and has a smaller range of tempos than I want, I want more tempo range and maybe some subdivisions (just requiring way more code prob. and some extra sound files)...all i need is just the basics, even if its just an explaination of how the example one works, or how to get a hold of the code for that one so i can mod it.

    any help is GReatly appreciated,thanks,
    Dave O.

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    use setInterval() to have a function executed at a certain interval

    in this function
    use sound object and loadSound, then start() to play the sound

    use a draggable button to set the interval. Always clear the interval and re-set it when the dragger is touched (startDrag();


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