Hi there

I'm looking for pointers here...

I've built an html site and have created a flash navigation for it - the navigation has one main level of navigation and also one sublevel of navigation....like so

[about] - subnav [a1] [a2]
[services] - subnav [s1] [s2] [s3] [s4]
[faq] - subnav [f1] [f2]

the sub navs have titles but i can't be arsed typing them.

what i want to know is...

say I'm in the welcome.html page, the welcome button in on [lets say its red] and i click on the about button - i am taken to the about.html page but as the flash navigation is embedded in each html page how do i tell it to have the about button on [red] when in the about.html page instead of reverting back to the start position.

I have tried exporting 5 different version of the flash - so that for the about.html page i have script on the first frame that tells the movie to


and so on for each page...but then i'll have to do this for each sub page aswell and it seems really messy way of doing it. is there a way of doing this kind of thing in the html code so that i can just export the navigation.swf once and then in the html on each page tell the flash which frame to go to?

is there an easier way?
am i barking up the wrong tree?
how would u guys script the flash to work on an html site?

any help much appreciated - the simpler the better as I'm no scripting genius.



p.s. if anyone has any tutorials on this kind of stuff i'd love to read through them