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Thread: prototype issues

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    prototype issues

    I'm new to the protoype command, but there is a script I'm using for a puzzle, and it uses it. Here's an example:
    function pieceClass() {}
    pieceClass.prototype = new MovieClip();
    for (var i = 1; i<31; i++) {
    	Object.registerClass("puzzle"+i, pieceClass);
    	this.attachMovie("puzzle"+i, "piece"+i, i-31);
    so any subsequent instances of "puzzle", even if i'm dragging it straight out of the library rather than dynamically attaching it, they still inherit all the properties.

    how do i "disconnect" the prototype from just the new instances??
    i'm so frustrated and lost.

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    is there some kind of "unload" function for prototype functions?

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    for (var i = 1; i<31; i++)
    Object.registerClass("puzzle"+i, null);

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    ok. I tried that, just like you said, but the prototype properties won't go away. I even tried running this function right after the one that initializes the prototype properties just so I could see if it would take them away.

    no dice.
    am I doing something wrong? they're all in the same level so it's not a matter of targeting..

    any ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks for your help senocular!

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    never fails, right after i finish with the post, i figure it out.

    needed to use the same function name.

    thanks man! you rock!

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