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Thread: Files in CD Rom file...

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    Files in CD Rom file...

    I have a CD Rom created in Flash. It has one icon for the Flash presentation, and many other files within the main folder. These include files that are labeled: Group 1, Group 2, FS Commands, Video display, ect..

    In most of these folders there are SWF files. In addition, there are also .PDF files, and .Jpeg files, ect...

    Whenever I created flash, I only imported such files, except maybe for PDFs I never remember having back up folders for a Flash presentation. I do know that I must have the video clips installed for any Director CD Roms I create.

    So here is my question. Do I have to have all the Video, PDFs, and graphic files in the same folder that I will finally burn my CD Rom on to? I always thought such files were going to be in my Library?

    Thanks for your help.

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    well, you could always test it out. Make a new folder on your hd and only put the files that you think you will need in there. if the .exe doesn't work, put in all the other ones like movies and pdfs. if that works then you need to put them in there. Thats all i can think of.
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    Moved here from the Boardroom. This forum should be able to answer your question, as the Boardroom is not for technical questions.

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    If you are using the FSCOMMAND to launch any exes then you will need to put these exe's inside the FSCOMMAND directory the others can be where they like.

    It depends how you are lauching the pdf etc as long as you put those in the path.

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