Hello everybody,

I'd like to have a button that stops a video playing in a MediaDisplay. I know it can be done with de MediaController but I need an additional button for that.

1. my_movie.swf loads video.flv through a MediaDisplay component: "display".
Code in "display":

on (load) {


URL parameter: video.flv
"controller" is the MediaController associated with "display".

2. main.swf has a movie clip in the main timeline: "my_mc".
my_mc has a button ("load_btn") with this code:
on (release) {
	loadMovieNum("my_movie.swf", "1");
3. main.swf has a button ("unload_btn") in the main timeline that unloads whatever is in level 0.
on (release) {

Here is my problem:

unload_btn unloads my_movie.swf but the sound doesn't stop playing.
If a click load_btn again just "controller" will show up over my_mc and the audio of my_movie.swf will continue playing no matter wich button a click.

Well, I hope some of you could help me with this.

Thanks in advance!