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    Bizzare button question

    i have a button with the following code on it

    i'm trying to modify the on release action but when i modify the line inside the action call the button just disappears and i have no idea why

    any suggestions?

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    The button appears on frame 1. You have to have it on all the frames to appear subsequently. When you go to frame 2, the contents of frame 2 will be there but will not remember frame 1's. I suggest creating a single layer and labeling it something like "controls" and then put all buttons and what not in that layer and copy the 1st frame and paste it at the end of the timeline at your last frame.

    hope this helps...

    -genesis f5 (genesis mx)

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    i should first clarify that the button is really a movie clip that i'm loading an image into and then applying the on(release) action to.

    the on(release) code for the movie clip exists when you click on the movie clip no on the time line itself. The functionality works fine as long as no modifications are made to it, i just tried to comment out the action for the on(release) and the movie clip just flashes and the then disappears. any ideas?

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