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Thread: Help - Screen Scaling in the Internet Browser

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    Help - Screen Scaling in the Internet Browser

    I use swish 2.0.
    I would like to be able to export my swish animation to HTML and have the scene adjust to the size of the browser. So that when somebody has 800X600 or 640X480 or 1024X 768 the animation and the background picture will scale to whatever is the size of the browser. Thanks for the help.

    PS: the existing file is originally designed for 1024X768

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    instead of using pixel sizing for your movie,use percent. set your html to width="100%" and height="100%"

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    I used to use that methodology as well

    but fair warning it will distort any bitmaps you have
    (gifs, pngs, jpgs) as well if you are using devive fonts
    The text will not match your original intended layout

    As an alternative I would suggest finding a common ground
    something that will fit in the 800 x 600 range.

    A visitor does not know how the screen looks to someone else
    they can only see from there perspective.

    The simple majority of browser users now operate at
    1026 x 768 and above. If you think you are being visited
    by users of newer computers then it's a safe bet they are
    high res folks.
    Me, my site(s) cater to designers who always use high res
    So the 800x 600 crowd is a non issue to me.


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