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Thread: Dragging myself out of a simple issue

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    Dragging myself out of a simple issue

    Alright, I am eating humble pie on what I think is an incredibly simple issue.
    In Swishmax
    I have been dragging things across the screen for positioning. Most of the time it returns the timeline to 0 , but occasionally it stays where I am in the timeline (as opposed to showing everything at once)
    As I would prefer the latter, I am wondering what I can do.
    I have tried hovering over the crossbars, etc. but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Am I having hand eye coordination problems here or is there a quick fix??


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    Um In future if your responding to a previous post.

    Please respond to the previous post.

    As for your drag issue ya got me.
    On drag doesn't have anything to do with a timeline
    if you apply it to an Object Event
    such as On press Usually turining the drag off is as simple
    as On Release.

    If you want it automatically on All you need to do is make
    the sprite object very large then use on drag over

    Or you could use On Load
    and not have the scene return to frame 1

    Just a few ideas to throw out at you.

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