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Thread: animate several swf's together

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    animate several swf's together

    this was the easiest way to do it that i could think (i am a beginner)... for an intro to my site i am making i have animated several 500 frame long 60fps swf movies, very simple. I was wanting these to be each like separate layers in a finalyl animation in which each of these swf's are playing, in different levels of transparency. when i start a new project and do import to library on one of these swf's, it takes 30 seconds to load, and then in the library is 500 bitmaps, one for every frame of the swf, and it is impossible to work with. each swf is about 1.5 megs. (the last step im going to do is compression..) what i want basically is a finished flash animation that i can export the movie of without an of the project data, just a standalone movie that i can then fade in and out in another flash project... how can i do this? please?

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    ok what i've gathered from that, is that u have made several swfs, and u want them all playing on the same movie at once?
    well first of all, how many movies do u want in ur main movie?
    also, rather then importing the swfs into ur movie, what u should do, is open one of the fla files of the swf u want to import, and then copy all the frames from it, then open whichever movie u want it to be in, and make a movieclip to hold ur frames, so make a movie clip, then just paste all the frames from ur other movie into it. that way u can store all of ur movies in seperate movieclips, which lets u do all sorts of things to them. however, if u have a ton of movies, and their combined size is massive, then perhaps u will want to use the loadmovie command. but really it all depends on how many movies u have

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