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Thread: Preloaders?

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    For the new CD ROM, I am studying how the older version CD Rom for the company was put together. I notice there is a preloader before every section. I always thought there was just one pre-loader at the beginning of the flash movie.

    Anyway, when I view the CD ROM I don't see any Pre-loaders. Am I missing something here?

    I guess I should just put one Pre-loader at the beginning to play it safe.

    Any suggestions?

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    MtheJ, you really should throw this into a better-suited forum.

    As for your question, why couldn't the movies be loaded separately, on demand, with some preloader-type thing in the front. Though, even this sounds redundant for flash content on a CD, unless they freakin' huge.
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    The answer is in a standalone player, the whole .swf is loaded before flash begins to play frame 1. As frame 1 is now loaded the pre-loader does not appear (in essence it has already run).

    I have found that the best way to use a standalone presentation on cd is to have as many .swf's as possible loading and unlaoding on different levels.

    Hope this helps...

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