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Thread: Chicago Area Training

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    Chicago Area Training

    I am looking for a great hands on training forum. I've taught myself a lot after earning a degree and attending continuing education multimedia courses. My weaknesses are understanding how to make my sites run smoothly, efficiently and cut down on the load time. I'm now at the point of branching into dynamic sites as well as the basics of loading movies etc., that seemed to be brushed over in much of my previous training. I kind of did what I had to do to get the job done, though I know there's a better way to do it and now I have an opportunity to learn it. I don't want to waste money on repeating beginner things but also don't want to take an expert class that's too advanced for me. I would call myself an intermediate flash designer. Does anyone know of the best training facility, and if not, can you suggest what level of training I should go into. My main concern is creating websites that are dynamically put together.

    Here's a few of my sites to help better understand.

    (the two above have sort of "case study" sections)
    (the two above have just flashed intros)

    Thanks much!
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