I was browsing the net a few evenings ago and I came across a site of interest. This fellow has some Flash effects that I enjoyed quite a lot. Check out the site here as a reference as I talk about the effects.

The first thing I liked was on the simple splash page. When you hover over LAUNCH INTERFACE, a box appears around the text. How is this achieved? Did he just make imageA.jpg & imageB.jpg, and then just do a simple rollover?

Next, once inside the page, I noticed this little tidbit. The stretching horizontally, and then vertically, of the border is fascinating. Was this just a tween of 2 images?

Then we have the flashing during the "stretching". I have no clue how this was accomplished. Deleting frames perhaps?

And finally, we have the "stretching" of the MENU. This is pretty much the same effect as the border one. But with the text moving slightly to the right. How was this text effect done? Motion tween I surmise.

Thank you all.

Future Flash Guru & Current Newbie,