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Thread: Client hassles

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    Client hassles

    Hello all,

    I've got a client who I've done quite a bit of work for over the past ten months or so. He's always been a bit slow in paying up and finalising projects, but I've had around 3000 off him so far for various jobs.

    However, I started a flash presentation job for him in June, submitted the 1st draft. He wanted to make some changes and so scheduled a meeting which was then cancelled because he was busy. He's since scheduled and cancelled around five meetings since.

    He also contacted me 4 weeks ago to do some Power Point templaets for him. Again I did the work, forwarded several options for consideration and have had a similar response to the above - "I'm out of the country, I''ll email you Monday", "maxed out at the moment, I'll give you a call next week"....

    Now, I don't want to annoy this guy because I know he's (his employers are) good for the money, and there's probably plenty more work to come. But I want these jobs resolving and paying for. At the moment I send him a 'friendly' email, or text message once a week saying "...could really do with getting together in the next couple of days to get these jobs completed...", but don't seem to me making any headway.

    Has anyone got any ideas? How could I approach this differently? I don't wanna write the jobs off - there's 2000 worth there. But I don't want to piss him off either.

    Your help and advice is appreciated!



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    I would sit tight and not push too hard.

    Perhaps there's a 'big project' this guy's on and he really hasn't had the time. Sometimes I get a bit rooked at the off-hand way I'm treated by some customers, but more than 50% of the time, it's not a personal thing, just that they're getting pushed too from a different direction and need to concentrate on something else for a while.

    Take all possibilities into account before pushing the big red button.

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