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Thread: loading from a playlist

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    loading from a playlist

    I was wondering if it's possible to automatically have all your music in a music player. Sorta like local streaming.

    For example, could you have a .m3u playlist with whatever music you want in it, and then have a dropdown menu in flash that populates itself with that .m3u playlist? It seems like it could work. All help is direly needed.


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    First you would have to have all your MP3's in the same directory as your .swf file on your webserver (where ever it's located) and then you would have to upload a text file to that same directory. In the text file you would have to setup some sort of variable base for it, you could not use a .m3u playlist as far as I know of.

    You would have to setup some sort of array and then in the text file have the following:


    Then using the function call LoadVariables("playlist.txt", 0); which would load this file into the array as specified inside the file, these variables would also be loaded into level 0 (global level) and so this playlist would be accessible throughout your movie.

    Hope this helps,

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