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Thread: new comer to flash, help! please.

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    new comer to flash, help! please.

    okay, so im making a website for my band. i created the intro page in dreamweaver with HTML. now im onto flash to create the actual website. when im adding in my menu buttons (news, shows, contact, etc.) they show up in my work space, but when i go to look at it, like to preview it, theyre not there. i have NO clue what is going on! also, once im past this point, could someone PLEASE explain to me how i can work it so that you click on the NEWS part, the news comes up in my text box below, and the same with all of the rest. i would highly appriciate some help! thanks a bunch.
    aim- xincubusx27
    email- mikecav27@earthlink.net
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