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Thread: need advice for skateboard physics

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    need advice for skateboard physics

    Hi all, I am making a simple skateboard on a half-pipe game, and I need some help with some code. I can get the acceleration and deceleration thing working fine, but its the positon of the board on the hlf pipe which is causing grief. Does anyone have any code for the mathematics for the YPOS of the skateboard as it moves up and down a half pipe? I understand that the further left it goes, the greater the height, but I can't seem to put it down in actionscript.

    nice one, cheers

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    wrong forum, please move this to the physics thingey.

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    can you figure something out with _rotation

    it could be something simple -

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    Im afraid its not simple, bvgroote - expect trig and math formulas, budday.

    search for posts by togepy in the games forum - he has done a great skateboard pipe game.

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    cheers for that, will do

    i had a feeling it was a difficult algorithm. I've touched on it before, but never went in depth

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    but but but, couldnt you just use some sort of parabolic formula, and compress it? might generate some nice half pipeish movement methinks if compressed enough. and parabolas are easy

    only problem is, it wont go vertical enough.. but you could tweak it up
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    parabola's don't bottom out enough to simulate a good half pipe, you may need to go to a cubic or quadric equation. Making it into a parametric equation might help too. Move this to Math and Physics and I'll be glad to try and help, but much more info is needed first

    EDIT: stupid me, it's already over there.
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    Yo dude.

    you have probably seen this, http://www.gmaxskateboarding.com but if not check it, also i persume you are a skater, check my site, srp

    Peace dude..

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    Moved here. Please do not post technical questions in the coffee lounge.

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