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Thread: HUGE problem: my movie plays VERY slow

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    HUGE problem: my movie plays VERY slow

    I view a certain .swf file perfectly on my computer. Plays smooth like butta. But when played on two laptops, it plays EXTREMELY slowly, even though the file sizes are around 500K (its not for a website, its for a cd presentation). One of the laptops is a new powerbook. Whats wrong? am I demandind too much processign power in my movie? (there is a lot of movement and pics, and flashy stuff). Will this happen when playing in a cd? What about if its part of a director presentation?

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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    What are the specs on the two laptops? Even newer ones could cause playing performance on bigger flash movies if they aren't that powerful, especially since graphics and animation can draw draw quite a bit of processing power.

    Also, if you're playing it from a CD you burned it to, that might cause even more performance decrease, especially on a laptop since CD-ROM drives read slower than a hard drive.

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    lots of objects and whatnot moving around, especially if they are transparent/translucent can really tax your processor. perhaps that is the problem...

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    I have the same difficulties - I design a great pirce of work on my superfast desktop, but when it has to be played on one of the sales teams laptops it's ****e.

    Solutions...drop the res of the laptop to 800x600, don't play from cd, try not to animate over a large area of the screen at the same time, don't use jpegs in your flash movie unless static, avoid transparency, buy them a new laptop with a better video card.

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    try bumping up your movie fps if you are going to be using it for cd. And test using streaming at the lowest kb possible if it still looks great. then burn to your cd and see if it is any better. The only problem is if you are going to be out putting this as a cd project other computers can read the information faster therefore cause your animation to go too fast. The only suggestion for this would be find a happy medium test fps at a rate that would view acceptable to the user no matter how fast his computer is or how slow.

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