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Thread: exporting flash movies into video

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    exporting flash movies into video

    I need help; I exported my flash movie as a .avi, everything is perfect except that none of the symbols i made as movie clips play, they all stay on frame 1, except for one which plays fine. I cannot figure out what the differences are in the properties of the symbols that stay on frame 1 and the symbols that play, they are both set on movie clip as their behavior. When I test it as a .swf, it's fine, but when I export it as a .avi, it will not play those certain symbols.

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    I think if you change them from movie clips to graphics. It may fix most if not all of your problems. Hope that helps.

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    Limitation of AVI in importing Animation

    I had a similar problem , it is because of limitation of AVI format in importing flash movies completely. it may import some tweens. example if u animate a flying pigeon , flapping wing as a symbol ,and then tween it across the screen , in AVI the pigeon will move across the screen but without flapping it wings.

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