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Thread: Audio - Video Sync Problem

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    Audio - Video Sync Problem

    I am experiencing problems with my audio becoming out of sync with my video file. The video file is fairly large (6mB once sorenson gets ahold of it) and I read that there were some known issues with audio sync-ing problems with larger video files. Is this true? Are there any solutions? Does flash MX 2004 eliminate this?

    I would very much appreciate any feedback or advice to get this thing back in sync. Thank yous guys!

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    Audio - Video Harmony

    No comments? Come on Flashkit!

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    You can look into "stitching" your video. Squeeze can automate this. BUT I'm not sure how you can add a controller to files stitches with Squeeze... I think I may have read that the new version of Squeeze allows you to add a controller(?)

    MX2004 helps by letting you load an FLV into your swf. I'm not sure just how much it helps. I am doing some experiments, and have gotton pretty good results.... But then it is a nightmare if you want to customize the controller. I'm trying hard to find some concrete info/facts on video and flash =/

    Good luck!

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