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Thread: string manipulation with "this" object

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    string manipulation with "this" object

    I have a button within a movie clip that passes an identifier to a function like so:

    on (release)

    The function recieves "this" as "_level0.mc_main_menu.game0"

    I want to treat the returned value as a string & get the value "game0" from it.

    How do I do this?

    Am I right in saying that "this" is an object, and I need to convert it to a string first?

    p.s - in case your interested - the value "game0" matches an xml node & the function plays a movie clip which is populated by the node attributes.

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    in your function if for example you are calling the passed varible "mc"(so really "mc" is becoming "this") you should just be able to put "mc._name" and that will give you the instances name. Hopefully in your case "game0".

    And that will actually give you a string so no need to convert it.


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    Thank you, that works perfectly.

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