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Thread: Bitmaps Options

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    Bitmaps Options


    I don´t like to post at two forums at the same time, but I was wandering if this question after all should be posted here. So here it comes:

    I am trying to figure out which bitmap format would be most appropriate for importing into Flash. I have always believed that png gives the best result. But is it really ALWAYS best –regardless of Flash version, regardless of colours, size, other settings, the internal use and so on..?? If png is the best – then why is that?

    Why and when should I import in bmp or jpeg in stead of converting it to png first – if png is to prefer? Personally I always convert to png, but it is my impression that jpg is more common.
    How do the different formats work together with the properties of smoothing and compression in the library?

    I have been to these without getting wiser:


    Does anyone keep record of which import image options has changed with the different versions Flash 4, 5, MX, MX 2004? And if I may ask one more question or two: What on earth is Toon Boom Studio?? Portable Networks Graphics, by the way – why is it called “portable”?


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    hi ..
    .. i don't prefer bitmaps. they are too heavy in size ... Jpegs are good, u may play around with their quality to reduce the size ... PNGs are to be used if u r willing to use alpha channel ... well, for the even GIF is good, but kills the quality pretty much, so an alternative is also to use Targa ...
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