here's a brief introduction to the boiling(no pun intended)contest. first of all, the time. contrary to hour of flash, MAGMA gives contestants TWO hours to do their work(which is still very little)
magma is held bi-weekly, which means there is a week interval between every contest. magma is smartly held at 6:00 P.M(@41) every time, because it will end at 8 and if there is such a bizarre day that both, HOF and MAGMA meet at the same time, there will be an hour to rest until 9 PM.
Not as I envisioned, MAGMA WILL have a theme.

Magma is strictly about originality. Here are some rules:
A submission is disqualified if made prematurely.
A submission must not exceed 400 K in .SWF format(-1 for every 10K)
Using non-vector material is prohibited(-10)
Late submissions will be deducted points(-5 for every 10 minutes past the contest deadline)
A submission including open-source material will be deducted points(-5)
A submission with no main idea will be deducted points(-25)

all in all, points for MAGMA contestants will line up in a atotal of 100 if everything's awesome. if not, we can add a % after the number of points and that will be the percentage of how good they did a job.

here's an excert:"The main idea will be e-mailed to all contestants at exactly the time next MAGMA contest starts. The idea will also be posted on Flash Kit Forums and posted on the MAGMA site. Contestants will have 2 HOURS to create the submission. "
so you don't have to adjust to new means of communication. just like in HoF, the main idea will be mailed and posted.
There are four awards and 7 rubrics to judge by. to be fair and square, sound of the movie is worth just 5 points, so not a whole lot. if you don't have sound, you'll line up at 95%(if you get everything else perfect) which can qualify for one of the awards.

now, signing up. there IS a link to sign up on the site, but darn IE will either pop Hotmail or Outlook up not allowing the form to go through. Yes, it goes to my mail and there is a disclaimer on the sign-up page explaining that. there's also a note. what this note basically says is, use NN(yuk!!)to sign up...i'm sorry, but that's the only browser that will send info to e-mail with no glitches. don't view the rest with NN, tho. looks horrible.
you can also mail me or post here if you want to sign up.